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Mark Epstein and Associates, ("MEA") is an interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, real estate and business consulting company with over 30 years experience.  MEA specializes in three distinct services:  1) Commercial and Residential Real Estate Brokerage; 2) Opportunistic Real Estate Investments and Asset Management; and 3) Small Business Consulting. 

Drawing from extensive “hands-on” business and real estate industry related experience, gained over numerous economic business cycles and across multiple geographies, we are guided by a philosophy that can be stated succinctly as “big picture” awareness.  With attention to details, projects are executed with integrity.  The application of these principles has resulted in continued growth in business consulting services and in excess of $183 million worth of real estate assets acquired, developed, asset managed and  financed on behalf of MEA and clients.

MEA professionals represent over 50 cumulative years of local, national and international real estate experience.  MEA is headquartered on the West Coast and maintains a network of affiliate offices throughout the Western United States.


Commercial & multi-family real estate Investment Opportunities & Asset Management
Business Consulting
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