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Comprehensive Business Analysis

We did a thorough and objective analysis of the status of the hotel and rated it a 2.5 star property. We then outlined all the specific areas where improvements were necessary to raise its status to a 4 star hotel. We developed a business plan to increase its occupancy rate, its room rate, and its repeat business. We then supervised the implementation of those changes.

click here for more picturesProperty Renovation
We recruited a hotel design architect and negotiated with the contractor to renovate and upgrade the facility working within a strict budget.

Immediate & Outgoing Maintenance
We inventoried and categorized all areas where maintenance was required, and developed a budget, a completion schedule and an assignment of responsibilities divided between in-house and outside maintenance crews. Under our supervision, all maintenance was completed on schedule within the allocated budget.

Human Resources
After we completed a comprehensive study of the management and service staff, we selected a new HR director and evaluated existing department

heads to inventory core competencies and skill levels. We then worked with the new HR director to hire new department heads where necessary. We also identified and eliminated redundant staff and filled areas where shortages affected the quality and level of guest services. And we developed and initiated a new training program to significantly improve the efficiency and quality of service, as well as the morale and commitment of the entire staff.

Integrated Marketing
We developed a marketing plan for re-postioning the hotel, then because of the geographic distance of the property from its owners, we recruited a local specialist to assist in executing the plan. We also established a Sales & Marketing Department to broaden the exposure to foreign markets.

The renovation and re-positioning were completed on schedule and within budget, resulting in the hotel being rated as a 4 star both regionally and internationally. Thai Airways International, a member of the "Star Alliance" now includes the hotel in its Mileage Rewards program.

The result of our comprehensive program was an 84.6% increase in the hotel's average daily rate, a 12% increase in annualized return on investment.